Acrylic Clear Tubes – Cut Size

Acrylic Clear Tubes – Cut Size

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Acrylic Clear Tubes - Cut Size

What are Acrylic Clear Tubes?

Acrylic Clear Tubes, sometimes referred to as Plexiglass tubes, are without question among the most versatile and popular plastic tubing solutions available today, owing to their supposedly extraordinary clarity and strength. They are fabricated with clear acrylic and further have advantages in several areas of applications:

  • Flawless Clarity: Crystal Clear Acrylic transparency allows for ultra-clear viewability of whatever content it is to be placed inside the tube.
  • Durable and Long-Lasting: Acrylic tubes have very high impact resistance and are resistant to weathering; therefore, they will remain clear and strong.

Benefits of Cut-to-Size Acrylic Clear Tubes

Partner with Plastics Online, your professional plastic fabrication expert, for top-quality cut-to-size acrylic clear tubes that avoid measuring frustration and cutting hassles. No waste, no headache—choose the custom cuts in acrylic tubing to fit your project needs.

  • Lessened Construction Time: Pre-cut tubes will let you start building right away, without such a waste of valuable time in cutting.
  • Versatility at Its Best: Acrylic tubes are easily cut, drilled, polished, and glued to fit your application needs.


  • Signage and Displays: Acrylic tubes can be used to make high impact signs, displays, and product displays.
  • Lighting and Design: Acrylic tubes can also be used for decorative lighting and chandeliers or other design items of this nature.
  • Plumbing and Industrial Applications: Acrylic tubing can have some low-pressure plumbing applications, as with most other mechanical uses, depending on the specifications. One may want to consider adding a statement on checking its suitability for a particular application.
  • Retail and Point-of-Purchase: Acrylic tubing is clear and optimum for visual merchandising, creating remarkable displays within retail stores.
  • Art and Hobby Projects: Acrylic tubes, being transparent and easy to machine, work fabulously for artistic and hobby use.

We stock a large selection of diameters, wall thicknesses, and lengths to fit most size requirements.

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    Saves me a heap of hassle muckin’ around with measurements. Great support from the team!

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