Prismatic Diffuser

We make buying cut to size prismatic light diffuser easy and convenient

The plastic material known as prismatic light diffuser is used in applications where the diffusing of light is required. Most commonly in fluorescent lighting, computer rooms, skylights, radio frequency sensitive areas, laboratories, test or inspection areas, and in supermarkets. We’ll cut to size sheets to meet your needs and ship it direct to you. Our Gold Coast team are experts in plastic fabrication and offer a wholesale cut to order service for convenience. All our plastic Materials are available wholesale for domestic, commercial, and industrial uses in small or large quantities.

FREIGHT PLEASE NOTE:Full Sheets and Cut-to-size sheets 2440mm in length or larger, rods and tubes 2000mm are not available to be shipped on the quoted prices of $99.50 and $89.50. Please send an inquiry for sheet and freight quote.