Commercial Acrylic Mirror

We make buying cut to size acrylic mirror easy and convenient

For impact strength 17 times more effective than glass in equal thickness.

Acrylic mirror also referred to as silver mirror, is safe, lightweight, and versatile. Used predominantly where vibration or flexure is likely to occur, which is why it’s commonly used in caravans and boats for decorative interior fittings.

Acrylic mirror can be used for other applications including exterior use, for domestic, retail, commercial, and in the marine industry.

Plastics Online Gold Coast will cut to size gold or silver backed sheets in 2mm or 3mm thicknesses to fit your requirements. Contact Us about our plastic fabrication Services if you need acrylic mirror to be specially shaped or formed.

Full Sheets and Cut-to-size sheets 2440mm in length or larger, rods and tubes 2000mm are not available to be shipped on the quoted prices of $99.50 and $89.50. Please send an inquiry for sheet and freight quote.