UHMWPE Sheet – Cut Size

UHMWPE Sheet – Cut Size


UHMWPE Sheet - Cut Size

What is UHMWPE Sheet?

UHMWPE Sheet refers to Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Sheet, which is a kind of plastic material with a high degree of resistance to abrasion and impact. Here’s what makes it a popular choice:

  • Unbeatable Durability: UHMWPE exhibits high abrasion and impact resistance and is therefore suitable for highly demanding operations that require nonstop and continuous performance.
  • Low Friction: One of the striking features of this plastic material is the extremely low coefficient of friction. It provides for minimum wear between contacting surfaces.

Benefits of Cut-to-Size UHMWPE Sheet

Plastics Online, being your partner in professional plastic fabrication, gives a touch of excellence to cut-to-size UHMWPE sheet and makes useless material waste a thing of the past!

  • Saves Material and Money: Only use as much material as you need; very little scrap falls through the cracks, reducing project costs.
  • Perfect Fit First Time Around: No frustration with measuring or cutting as custom-cut UHMWPE sheets mean custom fit according to your dimensions.
  • Simplified Fabrication: Pre-cut sheets can save a great deal of time and hassle by allowing you to dive right into your immediately intended application.


  • Wear Liners and Chute Linings: UHMWPE sheet provides an excellent abrasion-resistant lining for chutes, hoppers, etc.
  • Machinery Parts: As this plastic has low friction and high durability, it is highly suitable for wear strips, bearings, and other machine parts.
  • Cutting boards and other food handling/process equipment: With UHMWPE sheet low-friction and impact-resistant properties, application to cutting boards and various food processing components could be appropriate. Consider mentioning checking regulations for food contact suitability.
  • Marine Applications: An example of a good use of the material in wear pads, fenders, and other marine equipment is when weather resistance is most needed.
  • Manufacturing and Construction: This all-inclusive plastic applies in several contexts of manufacturing and construction due to its strength or durability.

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