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Scratch Resistant Acrylic Information Sheet

ARmadillo scratch-resistant acrylic

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When protection is a paramount concern, Plaskolite ARmadillo scratch-resistant coated acrylic is the perfect solution.

Plaskolite’s ARmadillo scratch-resistant coating is applied to acrylic on one side in 3,4.5 & 6mm. It’s also available as a special order enquiry on mirror acrylic, non-mirror acrylic and polycarbonate. It’s ideal for applications that require abrasion, stain and solvent resistance, such as retail displays, tabletops, door panels and other applications that are exposed to high traffic.

An additional ARmadillo benefit – it can be written on with erasable markers, making it useful in scheduling boards and restaurant menu applications.

Plastic Fabrication | Cnc Laser Cutting | Gold Coast | Plastics Online | Armadillo2

Key Features

  • Printable (single sided only)
  • Available on two sides (MTO)
  • Ideal for erasable markers

(Typical Applications

  • Signage
  • Menu boards
  • Displays
  • EQE
  • PQS
  • Bathroom Fittings
  • Alfresco kitchens
  • Therrnoforming