UHMWPE: Properties & Characteristics

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UHMWPE Properties & Characteristics
July 9th, 2024

UHMWPE: Properties & Characteristics

What is UHMWPE? UHMWPE or ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene, is a special kind of plastic that’s very strong and long-lasting. It’s made up of extremely long chains of molecules, which give it some unique properties. This plastic is tough, doesn’t absorb...

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Decorative Acrylic Panel Image
June 28th, 2024

Choosing The Perfect Decorative Acrylic Panel for Your Interior Design

What is an acrylic panel? An acrylic panel is a flat sheet crafted from a special type of plastic is called acrylic, however some people call it with its brand name Plexiglas. Acrylic panels are see-thru and clean, just...

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Plastic Online - What is Plastic Definition and Explanation - 570x360 Image
June 19th, 2024

What is Plastic? Definition and Explanation

What is plastic? Plastic is a man-made material that may be moulded and formed into solid objects. It is crafted from long chains of molecules known as polymers. Plastics can bend and exchange form without breaking easily. They are...

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Plastics By The Numbers - Featured Image
June 4th, 2024

Plastics By The Numbers

Seeing a recycling icon with a number on your bottles or containers? Have you wondered what does it mean?  Here’s why, the number inside the recycling symbol on plastic items does not mean the item is recyclable. The number only...

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Selecting the Best Commercial Acrylic Mirror for Your Company - Featured Image
May 23rd, 2024

Selecting the Best Commercial Acrylic Mirror for Your Company

What is an acrylic mirror? An acrylic mirror, additionally called a plastic mirror or plexiglass reflect, is a sort of mirror that is crafted from a transparent acrylic sheet in place of traditional glass. The acrylic sheet is a...

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Why are Plastic Materials Important in Our Daily Lives - Blog Image
May 9th, 2024

Why are Plastic Materials Important in Our Daily Lives?

Plastic products help keep us safe in lots of ways. They are used to making motorbike helmets that protect our heads, car seats that keep youngsters stable, and airbags in cars that cushion people throughout crashes. Our mobile telephones,...

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What is Polyethylene - Blog Image
April 9th, 2024

Polyethylene: What is it?

What is Polyethylene? It is a synthetic resin that is light and versatile, derived from the polymerisation of ethylene. A tiny transparent bead that is light in weight and has shape-changing properties when heated, like the candle wax. Because...

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Plastic Online-10mm Acrylic Sheet Blog Image
March 27th, 2024

Versatility of 10mm Acrylic Sheet

The aforementioned acrylic sheets are among the greatest alternative materials for product manufacturing. Because of its unique characteristics, several commercial industries have embraced it and extended its use to craftspeople. For extremely large enclosures, room dividers, exhibitions, furniture, and...

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Plastic Online-Wonders of Clear Polycarbonate - Blog Image
March 15th, 2024

Wonders of Clear Polycarbonate

What is Clear Polycarbonate? Polycarbonate is like a glass sheet- a thermoplastic polymer that can be heated and reformed into different shapes. The transparency of the polycarbonate and versatility to produce various products are in favour for the manufacturers....

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Acrylic Sheets Peak Transparency: The Perks of High-Performing Plastics - Blog Image
March 27th, 2024

Acrylic Sheets Peak Transparency: The Perks of High-Performing Plastics

What is Acrylic? Acrylic is an optically clear plastic known for its durability, versatility, and strength. This transparent thermoplastic excels in applications demanding high visual clarity, stiffness, and resistance to weathering. Easily thermoformed and bonded, acrylic sheeting has broad...

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